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Google+ @ 1 Month: Tips and Tricks So Far

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Add More Info to Your Profile Pop-Up Window
If people hover over your avatar, they just find a few words of description. If you want to share more informations, just go to edit your profile, select the employment section, and in the first “Employer name” box, write the details you like to share. (Don´t forget to check the “current” box.) Whatever you have written should now appear when people hover over your avatar.


Scroll Through Profile Pics with One Click
A really neat trick built into google+ is that you can scroll through all of a user´s profile pictures directly from the profile or post site. To do, just click on the avatar image. If the user uploaded more than one picture, google+ will flip through them. Some users already got creative with that by uploading profile pictures looking like an animation by fliping through.

Disable Resharing/Use Permalinks on Posts
If you post something you`d like to stay private, click on the drop down menu arrow at the top right of the post and select “disable reshare." If you want to find a post´s permalink, go to the drop down menu at the top right of the post and select “link to this post.. The post will be opened in a separate tab and you will be able to access the permalink.

Drag and Drop for Share (our favorite new feature!)
It is very easy to share videos, photos, links and even other users Profiles. Expand the “share” box and drag and drop content into it.

Don`t show People in your Circles on your Profile
Click “edit profile” and hit the circles box on the left of your screen. You can now choose which circles you want the world to see.

Post Notification
Google+ offers a way to notify people in a circle about a post without having tag their name in the post. Just click on the circle you`re sharing the post with, and check the “notify about this post” box.


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  • Comment Link Troy Holliday Thursday, 29 November 2012 20:15 posted by Troy Holliday

    It is amazing how simple a picture can be, but also how powerful it can become when people can see it more. I totally agree with this.

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